What It Is

You’ve seen the press for Rent-A-Ruminant on Nightline, The Colbert Report, Komo News, and in the Issaquah Press but wondered if you could get that same service on a smaller scale. The answer is YES! Amazin’ Grazers is an Affiliate of Rent-A-Ruminant operating in Western Washington. We specialize in the small jobs – ¼ acre or less. (less than 10,000 sq feet.)


We use a herd of up to 15 goats to clear yards, easements, smaller areas for businesses and other properties primarily along the I-5 corridor from Edmonds to Federal Way. Other areas may also be possible depending on scheduling.


Why It’s Good

Goats are gaining in popularity for clearing unwanted and invasive brush for many reasons. Areas in the southwest are using goats for fire prevention, and urban areas are finding that goats can work in areas where people cannot, like steep hills and near protected areas. Using this method means you don’t have to rent loud equipment, deal with permits, discard debris or put in the labor yourself. Goats are earth friendly -they even create great fertilizer! They are efficient, often cost less than other methods and they fun to have around in the community!


The Details

  • Assessment of the area to be cleared.
  • Set-up of fencing, water supply.
  • Delivery of the herd
  • 24-hr on-site supervision of the herd, including mineral supplements and hay as needed to stimulate their appetite.
  • What the goats don’t eat is cleared by hand by the wrangler for a more “finished” look.